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Eyebrow Transplant in Grand Rapids, MI

Permanent, Natural-Looking Eyebrow Restoration

Eyebrow Transplant with NeoGraft at New Vista Hair Restoration Center

Hair restoration techniques have come a long way. With the ability to effectively transplant individual hairs comes outstanding hair restoration possibilities, including Eyebrow Transplant to restore thinning or sparse brows. At New Vista Hair Restoration Center in Grand Rapids, MI, our experts can customize your Eyebrow Transplant procedure for outstanding results.

Full, Luxurious Brows

What is an Eyebrow Transplant?

Just like the hair on your head, the eyebrows can also be transplanted for effective regrowth. With a NeoGraft Eyebrow Transplant Grand Rapids patients will have hair taken from one area, typically from behind the ears or somewhere on the back of the head, and surgically transplanted into the eyebrow area. The NeoGraft system uses Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). With FUE, individual hair follicles are extracted directly from the donor area using a specialized automated instrument without needing to create an obvious incision.

Different Causes, One Effective Solution

Why do eyebrows thin?

There are several reasons why eyebrows may appear thin or sparse. Excessive eyebrow plucking or waxing can damage the hair follicles and lead to thinning or even permanent hair loss. Aging is another common cause of eyebrow thinning, as hormones that stimulate hair growth tend to diminish with age. Genetics, medical conditions, or even nutritional deficiencies can also contribute to hair loss. Some of these causes could be temporary, but others may be permanent.

Eyebrow Transplant Grand Rapids

Natural Looking Results

Eyebrow Transplant Benefits

Since modern FUE with the NeoGraft system uses precise placement of individual hair follicles, Eyebrow Transplant offers natural-looking eyebrows that seamlessly blend with existing hair. Here are just a few of the overall benefits for our Grand Rapids Eyebrow Transplant patients:

  • Thicker, fuller eyebrows and improved overall appearance
  • Complete customization for ideal end results
  • Permanent hair loss solution
  • Low downtime
  • Virtually no visible scarring

Fuller Brows Are Within Reach

Eyebrow Transplant Candidates

Most ideal candidates for an Eyebrow Transplant would like to address thinning or sparse eyebrows, fill in areas that are missing due to scarring, or restore over-plucked eyebrows. While Eyebrow Transplant is an ideal solution for many patients, there are certain medical or genetic conditions that could make it difficult to achieve permanent results with this procedure so it's important to discuss your full medical history.

Your Eyebrow Restoration Experts

Consultation and Preparation

Keeping each of our patients fully informed is a top priority at New Vista Hair Restoration, so we will ensure that during your consultation, all your questions are answered and each component of the treatment is discussed along with any additional therapies. Prior to your procedure, you will need to prepare by limiting sun exposure, avoiding alcohol and blood thinners for a few days, and quitting smoking several weeks before, as smoking can significantly hinder the healing process.

Eyebrow Transplant Grand Rapids

Face Enhancing Improvement

Eyebrow Transplant Procedure

Prior to the Eyebrow Transplant, our Grand Rapids hair restoration experts will draw an outline of the planned transplant area for you to review and confirm. Then, local anesthetic will be used to numb both the donor and transplant areas. Finally, hair follicles will be extracted individually, prepared for implantation, and transplanted. Typically, this treatment is performed using just local anesthesia and takes about three to four hours.

A Natural-Looking Fullness

Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

Since an Eyebrow Transplant is typically performed using local anesthesia, most patients are able to return to daily activities fairly quickly. You will want to be sure to follow all of your provider's instructions for aftercare, including following hair-washing restrictions and not touching the transplant area. While you will see immediate results, the transplanted hair will fall out in a few weeks. Don't worry, this is normal. Over six months to a year, the new follicles will regrow until the area is fully restored.

Eyebrow Transplant Grand Rapids

Compassionate Professionalism

Why choose New Vista Hair Restoration Center?

Hair loss can be a sensitive topic. That's why it's important to work with hair restoration experts that not only have the proper skill and experience, but who are also able to connect with patients and customize the ideal treatment. The team of medical professionals at New Vista Hair Restoration Center is committed to personalized patient care and ensuring that each person who walks through our doors feels welcomed and comfortable.

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Eyebrow Transplant Frequently Asked Questions

While Eyebrow Transplant is considered a more specialized procedure, it has been growing in popularity, especially with some recent celebrity influence.

Some options exist for those who would like to improve sparse eyebrows, such as microblading (cosmetic tattooing) or regrowth formulas like Latisse or Nulastin. While these can be effective, they typically need touch-ups and are not as permanent or natural-looking as a transplant.

Yes, when performed by a qualified and experienced professional, an Eyebrow Transplant is considered very safe and low risk.

Eyebrow Transplant is a permanent solution for thin eyebrows and the hair will continue to grow just like your natural hair.

The cost of an Eyebrow Transplant will vary depending on the extent and complexity of the procedure. Full details regarding cost will be discussed during a comprehensive consultation.

Hair Restoration Consultation

A Comfortable & SupportiveExperience

Hair loss can be a sensitive issue, and at New Vista Hair Restoration Center, we are committed to providing our patients with a comfortable and supportive environment. During your consultation, our experts will evaluate your hair loss and discuss your goals and expectations. We will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs and goals.